Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Out Tom DeLay!

What do you think?

It's just a hunch I have. Just a flicker on the gaydar. But after reading on usnewslink.com (which may or may not be a credible source, caveat lector, and isn't connected with US News) that DeLay is short and vain—to the point of wearing elevator shoes and poufing his hair up—and exhibits a napoleonic complex, I wonder if a closet isn't in there somewhere. It would be interesting to find out that DeLay's career of bullying and extortion, and even physically shoving David Obey (D-Wisconsin) during a House debate in 1997, is actually a lifelong attempt to prove to his unconvinced dad that he's okay, that he's a red-blooded all-American boy.

It wouldn't sway my opinion to learn that no one has ever observed him in a situation involving a man that was even remotely suspicious or to find out that he's a die-hard skirt-chaser when no cameras are around. Only DeLay knows for sure how his brain is wired.

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