Thursday, May 15, 2008

Gay marriage in California

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The California Supreme Court ruled today in a vote of 4-3 to reject state marriage laws and allow same-sex couples to marry. Maura Dolan writes in her article for the Los Angeles Times "The reaction to today's ruling outside the courthouse in San Francisco was one of jubilation as couples, once denied marriage, hugged, kissed, shouted and shook their fists at the sky."

Ron Prentice of the conservative California Family Council, in reaction to the ruling, said "With the November ballot we will have the opportunity for the people of California to once again define marriage as only between a man and a woman and this time place it into California's constitution which would strengthen it and keep it out of the hands of the courts."

Now that California has sunk to this unprecedented level of depravity, I expect that conservative Southern states will begin sending missionaries to California to try to help pull these poor lost souls from the tar pits of sin they've gotten themselves mired in. I can picture earnest young people declaring to their churches that they feel that God has called them to be missionaries to California. It's not a bad idea, actually. Living in California with all their expenses paid? It could be worse. God could've called them to Africa or to the rainforests of the Amazon. Or, worse yet, to Afghanistan.