Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Bennett and Beck?

My email to CNN:
Bill Bennett and Glenn Beck?

We won't be watching CNN anymore.

Thanks for the memories!
It's the end of an era. I'm feeling nostalgic.

Friday, January 06, 2006


Congressman Schiff,

It's admirable that the left has shown restraint regarding impeachment. That has been laudable. If liberal Congressmen had bulldozed forward with impeachment proceedings earlier, it would have appeared simply as a revenge tactic. Now that we all have spent time carefully considering the accusations and their legal implications, it will be clear to everyone why impeachment is moving forward.

The issues are substantial. Among them:

1. The Bush administration lied to the people and Congress about the justifications for going to war in Iraq.

2. It has now been revealed that Bush, like Nixon three decades ago, has carried out an illegal wiretapping program against the people of this country.

These are serious offenses which constitute high crimes and misdemeanors. I urge you to support impeachment.

It's probably not too much of a stretch to imagine that, because my blog is listed in the Big Brass Alliance, my phone has been tapped and my emails intercepted. Of course, the surveillance people quickly lost interest when they observed so little activity, but it does bring the issues closer to home to realize that even my privacy may have been invaded.

I'm curious whether criminal investigations will be undertaken once Bush is no longer a sitting president. If not, I will wonder why not. Won't you?