Thursday, June 16, 2005

Rep. Conyer's public forum undermined by dirty tricks

The most telling piece of information in the AP article "Democrats Urge Inquiry on Bush, Iraq" is this sentence:

The Democratic congressmen were relegated to a tiny room in the bottom of the Capitol and the Republicans who run the House scheduled 11 major votes to coincide with the afternoon event.
Eleven major votes? Wouldn't that actually indicate the importance of the event? Of course Scott McClellan played down the event by saying that Conyers "is simply trying to rehash old debates." But something as potentially administration-shaking as this is brushed away as nothing more than "old debates"?

This just smells like Karl Rove.

But it's all just going to blow over, isn't it? Not because it's insignificant, not because no crime was committed, but because the machinery in place is so organized and motivated that everyone involved is well protected.

It makes me want to love Big Brother. Is it thirteen o'clock yet? Red is the new blue.


Tom Harper said...

Eleven votes in one day, can you believe it? I think that was the biggest giveaway of the Republicans' attempt to thwart these hearings. I'll bet those lazy shitstains haven't voted eleven times in one day in their entire careers; and now they're trying to make it look like a perfectly routine, typical day at the office. Nice try. I think the public will see through it.

LAmom said...

I love the shot of the woman who was nursing her baby on camera right behind Maxine Waters. That just said to me that the kind of people down there were people like me.

I guess the location of the hearing also demonstrates how much the establishment cares about people like me.