Thursday, June 02, 2005

Fiat blogging

Hugo Zoom has encouraged me to try Fiat blogging as an alternative to the current trend of cat blogging among many bloggers at the end of the week. I was in the middle of composing a post about Cheney, Halliburton and Nigeria and thought Why not? Bad news will wait. And so, below is one of three pictures of Fiats he emailed me, this one being my favorite.

Isn't it cute as a button?

Whenever I do a search for "fiatblog" to see if anyone links to my blog, I get this result:, an article on an Italian news site. The sentence in the article that includes the search term is
In questa categoria si può annoverare ad esempio l’originale blog aziendale di Bob Lutz, vice presidente della General Motors: chissà se un giorno anche John Elkann, vicepresidente del principale gruppo automobilistico italiano, aprirà un suo FIATblog
which Google translates as
In this category it can be numbered as an example originates it them blog business of Bob Lutz, vice-president of the General Motors: goodness knows if a day also John Elkann, vice president of the main Italian automotive group, opens a its FIATblog.
Uh, the article seems to be discussing at length the corporate reaction to blogs written by employees.

Whenever I search for "fiat blog," I get, which seems to be a short-lived blog focusing on Fiat news. The first of its two articles discusses GM pulling out of a deal to buy Fiat in January 2005. Which explains the mention of Bob Lutz and General Motors in the above reference.

Anyway, isn't a fiat similar to a fatwa?

And whatever happened about Cheney, Halliburton and Nigeria?

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Jonathan Versen said...

I think the correct response is molto bene!