Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Dialing for De-escalation

From Can you sign up for a time to call your senator this Thursday? Here's the sign-up link:

This nifty Virtual March link allows you to see what times others signed up for, so calls can be spread throughout the day. Also, you can opt to get a text message reminding you to call.

We're not just calling Congress. All through the week, the Virtual March has been pushing forward on many fronts—building energy towards the big day:

  • Blogs such as Daily Kos, MyDD, Firedoglake, and Digby have raised awareness and encouraged people to join the Virtual March.

  • People can download an anti-escalation Instant Messenger icon, join an anti-escalation Facebook group, or sign up to help stop escalation in other tech-savvy ways by clicking here:

  • Folks can use MoveOn's one-of-a-kind call technology to contact MoveOn members in target states—whose senators most need persuading—and invite them to call their senator tomorrow. People can make calls by clicking here:

  • MoveOn members are pledging to get our friends and family involved in the march.

  • We're organizing MoveOn members in Washington, D.C. to deliver close to 600,000 messages to the Senate opposing escalation in person on February 1.
Passing a bipartisan resolution opposing escalation will be the strongest stand Congress has taken on the war since it began—and it will give our leaders in Washington the support they need to take future actions to stop the war.

Thursday is going to be a huge day of action all over the country. MoveOn members, along with members of True Majority, Americans Against Escalation in Iraq, USAction, CampusProgress and many others are working together to make sure Congress gets the message: Americans not only oppose escalation, but are counting on Congress to block it. And if enough of us get involved, we can really win this vote. [End quote]