Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Out Tom DeLay!

What do you think?

It's just a hunch I have. Just a flicker on the gaydar. But after reading on usnewslink.com (which may or may not be a credible source, caveat lector, and isn't connected with US News) that DeLay is short and vain—to the point of wearing elevator shoes and poufing his hair up—and exhibits a napoleonic complex, I wonder if a closet isn't in there somewhere. It would be interesting to find out that DeLay's career of bullying and extortion, and even physically shoving David Obey (D-Wisconsin) during a House debate in 1997, is actually a lifelong attempt to prove to his unconvinced dad that he's okay, that he's a red-blooded all-American boy.

It wouldn't sway my opinion to learn that no one has ever observed him in a situation involving a man that was even remotely suspicious or to find out that he's a die-hard skirt-chaser when no cameras are around. Only DeLay knows for sure how his brain is wired.

A list of other outables can be found in my gallery of free desktop backgrounds.


prying1 said...

Divide the people into hostile groups by constantly harping on controversial matters of no importance. Destroy the peoples faith in their natural leaders by holding up the latter to ridicule, contempt and obloquy. - Vladimir Ilich Lenin

John said...

Of no importance???

Unadulterated Underdog said...

Feel no fear friend. The right is always trying to ridicule the criticism sent their way. They figure if they make a joke out of everything that the logical side of the political spectrum says, the public will not take it seriously. It's like their 3% presidential victory. 3% does not give them a mandate. That idea is some crazy idea they couped up in their propaganda powerhouse. Disregard their ravings. Slowly, truth will prevail over all the propaganda they can muster. Propaganda didn't save communism and it won't save the NeoCons.

Tom Harper said...

(Comment #1): Vladimir Lenin said that? Damn, all this time I've been crediting Joseph Goebbels for that approach, which Karl Rove has bought hook line and sinker. And boy does it work! I hope Rove knows who to credit for this successful approach. I assume he gets down on his knees (no double entendre intended) and thanks Goebbels every night; now he also has to thank Lenin.

Jonathan Versen said...

yes, it sounds pretty plausible. Nevertheless I for one would prefer he stay in.