Tuesday, March 08, 2005

TV's dirty little gay secret


Desperate Housewives, Nip/Tuck and Sex and the City were created by gay writers?

Who knew?

article in Time examines the irony of gay writers like Marc Cherry, Ryan Murphy and Darren Star being responsible for the success of popular straight shows in an increasingly anti-gay America. The straight audience just didn't know? And now that Time has let them in on the secret, will they abandon the shows? And if they know and don't abandon the shows, why not?

Whoever said the audience was logical? Not me.

Another interesting discovery is that Marc Cherry is 42 and Darren Star is 43. There's hope for me yet! (Although not much. I'm 48.) In an industry that
discards writers as soon as they turn 30, those writers' ages are significant.


FinalSin said...

Not that I'm sure there's a lot of difference between social attitudes to homosexuals in the UK, I do find it absurd that the stigmas attached to homosexuality should stop people from watching a TV show. I guess it shows how frigid our modern society still is.

Corey said...

Stonewall and Riot -- Speaking of images, have you seen the new gay superhero animated film coming out? Called Stonewall and Riot. Stonewall is the muscle stud superhero, and Riot is his spritely sidekick. You can see it on Village TV the gay TV Channel at http://www.villagetv.com let me know what you think about it. -- Corey