Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Spanking the BoiFromTroy

On May 10, BoiFromTroy posted the above pic (albeit much larger) with the headline "Here Lounge Bartender Gets Slapped." (You'll have to go to bentblog for the story behind the slap.) Following is the whack I added to the comments for BoiFromTroy's post.

God, *enough* with the celebration of the superficial. Could you, like, um, judge a person by the strength of his character? Is that too much of a stretch?

I wouldn't ordinarily say anything, but sites like BoiFromTroy and Towleroad are so high-profile that it's significant when they take column inches to emphasize young caucasian beauty. We've been trying to bang the concept of diversity into the heads of the gay male population for a couple of decades now, and whenever a hottie is showcased like this it sets diversity's progress back a bit. Everybody gay belongs. Like, *okay*??

It's your blog and you'll post what you want to, post what you want to? Sure, but if you were to talk to Liz or Joan or Barbra, they'd tell you that when you reach a certain level of fame, you give up some of your independence. Of course you have the first-amendment right to post hottie pictures on your blog. Of course. But when a blog reaches the number of hits per day that your site has reached, it becomes an informational resource for a large number of people and it acts as an envoy for the gay population to a large number of people. You are affecting how lots of people think about gay issues and gay people. Post with care.

Why do people post hottie pix on their blogs anyway? I don't get it. We already *have* sites for that.

Posted by Don at May 10, 2005 02:35 PM

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