Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Hillary freeing her inner comeback-kid

My email to Versen (Hugo Zoom):

JV, yeah I'm all like "So" and there was this like thing and I just like finished watching the latest gnooze broadcast and I'm all like "Whoa..."

Funny. She is clever.

I'm drab. How are you? I'm surprised at how I felt about Hillary taking three of the states tonight. I was all like "Whoa..." A little disappointed. I suppose the media has painted Obama as such a darling that my brain started perceiving him as the sympathetic protagonist under attack by the strident Hillary. It, of course, is all scripted professional wrestling, so I shouldn't become emotionally involved either way. I did vote for Obama in the California primary, but I felt silly because I was so noncommittal about my choice and was just following what I sensed was the flow.

I didn't think your voting for Ron Paul today was a bad idea and I didn't make a face. I heard that Rush Limbaugh encouraged Republicans to vote for Hillary, so the crossover vote must be useful strategically, and your reasoning sounded logical to me.

As far as McCain mutating into a hawk after his experiences in Vietnam, I think it's because he doesn't remember much. In a documentary, a fellow soldier reminiscing about those days said that being with McCain on liberty was "like a train wreck." Hard drinking, hard partying all night. So apparently McCain spent a good portion of the Vietnam War hungover. (Do you think that anecdote is too cynical?)


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Jonathan Versen said...

Myself, I don't want her to feel her inner comeback kid.

My misgivings about Obama notwithstanding, the one unadulteratedly nice thing about an Obama nomination would be the derailment of the Hillary! juggernaut.