Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The relevance of 2,600 years ago

Connect the dots to see how an incident from 2,600 years ago is relevant to the present:

If priests and scribes created the Scroll of the Law mentioned in II Kings 22, which later developed into the book of Devarim/Deuteronomy, then it’s not the Law of G-d given to Moses as the priests claimed, and so if Deuteronomy is the work of man, then the credibility of Torah as the word of G-d through Moses is undermined, and so if Torah is the work of man and not the word of G-d, then Judaism can’t be true because it was founded on Torah being the word of G-d, and so if Judaism isn’t true, then its outgrowths, Christianity and Islam, can’t be true because they assume that Judaism is true, and so if the religions of the Book aren’t true, then no covenant was made with Moses and the people, nor with Abraham, giving them the land forever, and so if there was no covenant with G-d, then Israel has no basis for its current occupation of Palestinian land 19 centuries after it ceased to be a self-governing nation of Jews, and Muhammad didn’t ascend to Heaven from Mt. Moriah and, of all the people crucified by the Romans, none of them was the Son of God, and so • if Christianity isn’t true, • then the writings of the Apostle Paul and the other writers weren’t inspired by God, and so • if the writings of the New Testament were just the thoughts of people living in the first century CE, • then the Tea Party/right-wing conservatives have no basis for imposing first-century thinking on a 21st-century society.

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