Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Sir Karl of Rove has suffered merely a small setback in the Great Crusade

Crusaders, who are charged with, among other noble tasks, defending the sacred institution of marriage for the Kingdom of Heaven, are sometimes tripped up by small missteps like breaking federal laws or giving false information that incidentally results in thousands of deaths.

As you know, the latest misstep, possibly taken by Sir Karl of Rove, who in the coming years is to be canonized as St. Karl the Kerryslayer, is the disclosure to several journalists that Valerie Plame was, at the time of the disclosure, a CIA officer. Under federal law, such a disclosure is a crime. According to Lawrence O'Donnell at The Huffington Post, Sir Karl has been served with three subpoenas in this case, and O'Donnell surmises that "three trips to the same grand jury is frequently an indicator of subject status."

But Sir Karl of Rove is a close friend of and trusted advisor to King George the Woolly Headed, who will move Heaven and Earth to protect Sir Karl's honor. The good subjects of the King can rest assured that this trifling controversy will be expunged from the illustrious history of the King and from his legacy as the Wartime King Who Commanded Vast Armies Against the Infidel Hordes.

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