Wednesday, August 10, 2005 is collecting signatures in support of Cindy Sheehan

My statement of support to Cindy Sheehan via's letter to the President and two-page ad in the Waco Tribune Herald:

The real reason Bush went to war was revealed by ghost writer/journalist Mickey Herskowitz when interviewed by Russ Baker in 2004: "No president could be considered truly successful without one military 'win' under his belt." That's it. Underneath all the layers of manufactured justifications for going to war, the real reason was to be a "successful" president. Of course he won't tell you that, Cindy. He won't be as candid with you as he was with Herskowitz in 1999, before he was even elected, about wanting to invade Iraq. You won't get the truth from him, but the act itself of demanding the truth is just as important as actually receiving it. Thank you so much for being a representative there in Crawford for so many Americans who want to know the truth.
As of today, 1,840 American moms could be there with Cindy Sheehan in Crawford, Texas. And that's only the American moms. Adding in the moms of coalition troops brings the total up to 2,033.

Over 2,000 angry moms.

It brings to mind the image of Buster Keaton being chased by angry brides in Seven Chances. Can you picture it? More than 2,000 angry moms chasing Bush across the Texas terrain. There can be humor in tragedy, but there is tragedy in the humor.


Anonymous said...

Cindy should stop her bitching and get behind the other troops. No one told her son to join the armed forces. Infact I would bet the bank that he had her approval when he signed up. No one likes war or the loss of life, but its a fact of life. We have war waging on our streets everyday in this country. Tell Cindy to jump on that band wagon.

Jonathan Versen said...

Somehow I doubt "gjm3863" lives in one of our fabled domestic war-zone neighborhoods, like Watts or downtown Detroit or Compton. Then again, maybe one of the motorists he frequently encounters on his morning commutes tailgates him all the time, and this is causing him great distress.

Incidentally gjm3863, how do you know that the other troops that are presently in country want your support of their endless enlistment in this war?

How many soldiers are in Iraq right now, doing their jobs like Sheehan's son did,actively thinking their mission is stupid and pointless?

I don't know how many, nor how free(or not free) they may feel to express their feelings. Do you?

Patrick said...

Cindy Sheehan is a tool.