Thursday, February 10, 2005

Dissecting a feral Irshad

My email to "SirBratty," GayArabs list owner:

Kind Sir!

Thanks so much for your reply! It really means a lot. I admittedly was kind of bummed out (Do they still say that? It probably dates back to the early 90s, or even the late 80s.) when you didn't answer my question about being included in the group hugz. I thought "Eh, the hugs are meant just for family." But I also was aware that my question could have been interpreted with a sexual meaning and I understood your not responding in that context. Anyway, thanks for the big smile and the group hug. I do think you should hold off on the "sweetheart" until you have a look at the picture of the grizzled old guy on my
Yahoo profile. :-)

As far as how you feel about Irshad Manji personally... (If you're not interested in discussing her, I understand. But if you do want to continue a discussion between friends about a controversial topic, read on.) It seems that people have been telling you exaggerated things about her lifestyle. However, all I know about her is what I've read in the book
The Trouble With Islam. It may be that she actually is a witch who eats puppies or something and she presents a very artificial, cleaned-up image of herself in her book. I don't know. I have only the book as a reference. But, in the book itself, she's advocating a way of life that isn't much different than what you described: an Imam abruptly answers NO...NO GOOD and leaves you hanging there clueless, and you want to say to him "When somene asks for help, provide alternative ways or thoughts that might be a source of comfort. Don't shut the door in my face." Thinking like that seems to be exactly what Irshad wants you to do. As I understand the book, she's trying to get Muslims to stop passively accepting the rude brush-off from the Imam who doesn't like the question he's been asked. It's the passive conformity that she's trying to change.

Maybe going back to her book would be useful? I don't know. I'd recommend skipping the letter to fellow Muslims at the beginning of the book. Reading the letter, I get the feeling that she has jumped into the middle of the argument. She hits the ground running and immediately starts swatting at everything, and it could be that a lot of Muslims never get past page 3 because of it. Her approach could use a lot more easing gently in before grabbing both horns of a controversial topic. But as far as Irshad being a person who advocates the destruction of Islam and the adoption of an if-it-feels-good-do-it lifestyle, I don't see that in the book.

If you're wondering about the reason I joined GayArabs, I'm definitely not looking for sex. (I'm actually one of those rare guys who don't like sex, but...that's another Yahoo group.) I'm just there to learn. Someday I'd like to have a Muslim friend or two in Los Angeles to have long, rambling discussions with, but that's a luxury. Learning from the posts on GayArabs is quite interesting.

(Quick shoulder-squeeze)


Bonzo DaBrat wrote:
You are more than welcome to join us any time you like sweet heart. And thank you for your contribution. I'm actually glad that you mentioned that topic because I'm a bit curious about what other people think about her work. From all spects, not just religion..!! Life!!!

Irshad has definitely stepped up, at least for herself, because she strongly believes in her purpose in life; to enlighten or educate and may be take a chance and put the Arab culture under the spot light facing homosexuality and by doing that she is sending signals for the Muslim community including its leaders to take an action and get their lazy buns and come up with some way we -gay people- can live comfortably finding ways to reconcile homosexuality with our Arab culture or even Islam.

Please allow me to rephrase what I said cuz I think I have managed to confuse myself too.. heheeh.. Think of it this way, when you so seek your best friend for advise, doesn't that friend extend his/her arms to you and hold you and try to help you by showing you how you can be strong and how you can ride this hardship wave then land safely and enjoy the beach ?? Wouldn't a best friend do that ? Well, here is the problem, when we go to our Imams or Mosques, what we get is NO..NO GOOD.. that is it.. They say no, no good and leave you hanging there clueless. Like "talk to that hand".. Deep inside of you, you wanna say "When somene asks for help, provide alternative ways or thoughts that might be source of comfort. Don't shut the door at my face and treat me like that because you have a political agenda that is nothing but "victimizing" gay people. Happens everywhere even in the US. Gay politics is a soar point in the US and so it in many different countries.

So, what Irshad is doing in a way is good because she is forcing those "leaders" to speak up and even start a conversation and find how we can live in our own home land and not suffer because we are gay. now THAT is great!! I admire a person who would take that step and start digging for the truth knowing that he/she will face "piles" of hardships down the line.

And if you think about it, most of the great leaders who spoke the truth faced harsh reaction as a consequence. Ask Prophets Mohammed (PBUH), Jesus (PBUH) and Moses (PBUH) and so many other leaders..even political ones. They all believed in their cause. So I admire her courageous steps, I'm just afraid she is not using a way of life that I would feel comfortable with, neither believe in it. If that made any sense at all ?!!..hehhe.. anyway.. that's what I think.. talk to you later babes.. (group hugz)

GayArabs List Owner

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