Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Will Disney close Canada at Epcot?

If Canada joins Belgium and the Netherlands in legalizing same-sex marriages, will Disney shut down the Canada pavilion at Epcot? I know a lot of visitors will boycott the attraction if the legislation passes. I can easily picture mothers pushing strollers quickly past the attraction in a huff, one shoulder up and their nose pointed up and away from the architectural replicas and gardens, as if they can't fathom the disgrace Canada has brought upon itself. Perhaps to prevent guests from being upset by the mere sight of the attraction, Disney will plant a grove of huge pine trees overnight to obscure it. Suddenly—poof!—Canada's gone.

You really think it's unlikely? When Paul Reubens was arrested in 1991, Pee Wee Herman vanished from Disney-MGM Studios. Poof!

For more information, go to
Canadians for Equal Marriage. For more of what I think about the defense-of-marriage issue, take a look at my other blog.

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Anonymous said...

Comical. Same sex 'marriage'...should be 'partnerage'...passing soon in Parliament. 2-5% of the population will say whoopee. The rest will yawn. Disney will close the Canadian pavillion and the whole population of Canada will say...so?