Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The ripple effect from the West Bank

Since the Palestinian conflict seems to be the actual epicenter of most Arab conflicts, perhaps the cease-fire agreed to by Abbas and Sharon today will have a ripple effect that will reach Baghdad.

However, CNN's
Ben Wedeman says that
any hopes of a breakthrough could easily be shattered by a wrong move. There is fear on both sides that a suicide bombing, a killing, any sort of incident, could throw the budding diplomatic thaw into the deep freeze.

I do wonder whether the soldiers on both sides will be able to let go. The peace following a war can be a traumatic time for soldiers. Many (most?) have a hard time adapting to the dullness of ordinary life after the intensity of combat. It would be tragically ironic if nothing more than simple, addictive adrenaline keeps the conflict going.

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