Monday, February 14, 2005

Drifting leisurely along the

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I keep waiting for to add my book, Life Doesn't Always, to the Search Inside the Book program. Nearly two months ago I sent a copy of the book for them to scan and upload, but the cover-thumbnail caption still reads "Publishers: learn how customers can search inside this book." I wonder if 736 pages was too much for the scanner and he just tossed it into the paper-recycling bin, thinking that his supervisor would never find out.

The book is made up of 13 episode scripts comprising the first season of a gay drama series. I describe writing it in "
Contemplating the Muslim Experience in America" and "Fiat Libri."

Here! Networks, one of the new gay cable-TV networks, is considering the drama series for development. They requested the pilot-episode script and a treatment of the remaining scripts a couple of months ago. I keep sending them little email reminders, like a joke referring to the central character ("An Amishman walks into a bar...") or a picture of a traffic greenlight. No response, but no rejection email either.

A quote from the book appropriate for today:
Who the heck was Valentine and what does he have to do with lace and chocolate for non-Catholics?

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