Monday, September 12, 2005 at the March on Washington on Sept. 24

I-10 in Los Angeles on 15 December 2003. See more images at
The signs read "485 dead, 2,779 seriously wounded, 3,264 blood-soaked uniforms, and we impeached Clinton over one lousy dress." is organizing a contingent for the anti-war March on Washington on September 24. Click on the T-shirt to learn more.

Impeachment: It’s not about getting even anymore.

For more information on the March, click on the poster.


Anonymous said...

As a democrat I am ashamed of what duped americans are doing. I may not support everything this administration does but he is still my president. Remember what Bill clinton did by giving away secrets to china?

John said...

CNN's report from 25 May 1999 regarding nuclear secrets acquired by China can be found here: