Friday, September 23, 2005

The left is doing it again, just like the Vietnam era

Kristinn Taylor is a he?? Who knew? I really did think he was a perky co-ed.

Apparently he's a graduate of Dubya University's Rove School of Conservative Whitenoise. The last time I heard from him, he called Cindy Sheehan's vigil a publicity stunt. This time around, he's saying
We made a vow after Sept. 11 that we would not allow the anti-American left to do to us this time what they did during Vietnam, which was wear down the morale of the American.
A protest in 1968What a great guy, huh? He's looking out for you.

"Anti-American left." Amazing. People on the left are ardently trying to bring the U.S. back to a place where it isn't considered a unilateral bully by the rest of the world, and that's anti-American. People on the left care so much about what's happening in the country with the shifting economic and social priorities that they're protesting like they haven't in years, and that's anti-American. How can they be anti-American if they're so emotionally involved with America?

If the dictionary definition of "American" is actually "getting rich quick and paying no taxes," then, well, yeah I guess they are sort of anti-American. I remember thinking during Schwarzenegger's speech at the GOP convention that the term "hard work" was actually a euphemism for "wealth," getting as much as you can and keeping what you get. Who in the entire party actually honors hard work just for itself? But that is the underlying agenda, isn't it—getting as much as you can and keeping what you get and not having to share it with anyone else because, well, you earned it. Underneath it all, underneath all the smoke and whitenoise and powdered wigs and flags, that's the track that guides the elephant's circus train. Rich rich rich get rich rich rich get rich rich rich get rich rich rich get rich rich rich...

Hey, Republikids, I've got a guessing game for you! Wanna play? Okay. I'll give you a Bible verse, and you tell me the reference. Book, chapter and verse. Okay? Are you ready? Here we go. "Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth where moth and rust doth corrupt, where thieves break through and steal." All right, who can tell me where that verse is found?


You don't just rattle off that reference from memory? How come? Because that verse isn't as important as those verses in Leviticus? Okay, I've got another one for you. Who was it who said "For ye are not under the law, but under grace"?


You Republikids sure know your Bible well. Anyway, if we're no longer under Old Testament law, why are the Leviticus verses more important than the verse in Matthew—drat! I let it slip. Anybody know? I'll tell you. Because you selectively believe. If you didn't believe selectively, your mom wouldn't be driving that really cool SUV because it would be out of your parents' price range. Bummer, huh?

Anyway, Kristinn, keep up the good work with the whitenoise! Doin' a great job! You're on your way to becoming a major player!

(Can't you hear him sputtering "I already am a major player!!")

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Jonathan Versen said...

I'm guessing his folks had a tinn ear.