Saturday, September 24, 2005

My email to Anderson Cooper regarding war-protest coverage

Contact CNNAnderson,

I think it's significant that the CNN website doesn't mention the war protest in Washington once. Not one link to a story under Politics or US or Developing Stories or any other section [as of about 12:30pm EDT, 9:30am PDT].

Yes site visitors are more interested in Rita coverage. However, "news" also includes the important less-popular stories.

How many TV minutes have been spent on the war protest? Your coverage of Rita has been great and shows your willingness to put yourself in harm's way to give us a clear picture of Rita's power.

However, the war protest in Washington is an important expression of the growing disaffection in the U.S. with the administration, and the protest shouldn't be blown away too by Rita.


It doesn't produce the dramatic footage that Rita does, but in terms of casualties, isn't it on par?


Ringwind said...

Arrest Bush 41 to prevent "another 9/11" ... Google and type in "The FBI uses polygraphs to eliminate suspects"

Island Republican said...

Fiat Blog,

Maybe a majority of people are tired of the "war-protest coverage" since it is such a "staged" event. When some real news happens, they will cover it.

John said...

island republican,

"Staged." You mean like the celebration at the toppling of the statue of Saddam? Do you remember al-Jazeera revealing that the American military trucked men in for that, since there weren't any local people who wanted to celebrate in the plaza?

The war protest in D.C. is being staged?? Nobody told me! Are they paying them the standard movie-extra rate?

Anonymous said...

watch this! It might change your mind on a few things.......