Saturday, September 10, 2005

Schwarzenegger's planned veto of marriage equality legislation

Governor Schwarzenegger:

My gay partner and I have been "married" for fourteen years. We mark our "anniversary" date as June 9. Email the GovernorUnfortunately, I've been covered by his health insurance as a domestic partner for only the last couple of years. Had we been officially married, would I have had to wait that long for coverage?

I urge you not to veto the marriage equality legislation. I understand that you have been quoted as saying that same-sex marriage is "fine by me" in the past. Why the change on this issue? The fact that both the Senate and the Assembly have passed this legislation is a strong indicator of what the will of the people of California is regarding this issue in 2005.

Please sign the marriage equality legislation into law.

Fourteen years.

Thanks very much.

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